Ways That Podiatry Clinics Use Technology To Improve Your Foot Health

4 August 2017
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Although technology will never replace the podiatry industry, modern-day podiatrists rely on technology in a number of ways to complement the hands-on care that they provide to patients. If you have any type of foot issue and have booked an appointment at your local podiatry clinic, there's a strong likelihood that your foot care professional will be using some manner of technology to help diagnose or treat the problem. If you haven't yet been to a podiatrist, it can be worthwhile to call a few clinics and see how their staff members use technology to help patients. Here are some ways that your local clinic may use technology.

Video Gait Analysis

The manner in which you walk can potentially cause foot and ankle issues that send you to the podiatrist. If you're suffering from walking- or exercise-related pain, it's common for a podiatrist to have you walk on a treadmill while watching you carefully to assess your gait. However, it's possible that the podiatrist could miss subtle things, especially since you've moving quickly. To diagnose issues effectively, many podiatry clinics use video gait analysis. As you walk, one or more cameras will record your movements. The podiatrist will then slow down the video and inspect it carefully to learn what's going on.

Laser Fungus Removal

Fungus issues around your nails can not only be embarrassing if you go barefoot or wear sandals, it can also be irritating. Foot fungus can often leave the area itchy and sore, which is a good reason to visit your local podiatry clinic. While there are several methods that your podiatrist may advocate to alleviate this issue, one approach is through the use of a laser. This procedure causes little to no pain and can dramatically clear up the fungus issues that you're dealing with.

Sound Wave Therapy

You'll also find that many podiatrists rely on sound wave therapy to treat a long list of food issues for their patients. The use of sound waves emitted from a specialized piece of equipment can help to reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis, for example. If you've sprained your ankle and are reaggravating it regularly, sessions with sound wave therapy can help to reduce your discomfort and promote healing. Many podiatry clinics use other methods of technology to help their patients, too, so don't be afraid to ask when you call to make an appointment about your specific issue.

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