Identifying Plantar Fasciitis As The Source Of Foot Pain: What’s With Your Aching Feet?

17 April 2018
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Foot pain is something you can't ignore, no matter how tough you tend to be with physical symptoms. You need your feet to hold you up and get you where you want to go without too many aches and pains. If you're developing plantar fasciitis, however, expect to be slowed down for a bit while you sort this tender situation out. The Symptoms Of Plantar Fasciitis Foot pain of all sorts is common, especially for hard-working people who run around all day or for the more fashionable folks who sport sky-high heels. Read More 

Symptoms of Fallen Arches and How Your Podiatrist Can Treat Your Condition

19 March 2018
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Fallen arches happen for different reasons. You might be born with flat feet, or you might develop them in later life. Your arches can also flatten out due to an injury to the tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot. The injury might be acute, or it could be due to obesity or repetitive motion. The condition can affect one foot or both. Here are some of the symptoms of fallen arches and what your podiatrist can do to treat them. Read More